The Cattle

One of our Scottish Highland cows, Snowflake

Our cattle herd is made up of two breeds- Scottish Highlands and Texas Longhorns. We chose these breeds for several reasons. They both have great disposition. They both have a striking appearance. They both have the ability to thrive on less-than-premium forage.

Our first three cows on the farm- Christmas 2017
Snowflake and her first calf in May 2019

Snowflake is a white Scottish Highland cow. She was in the first group of calves we brought to the farm in 2017. She had a bull calf in 2019 and is due to calf again any moment as of September 2020.

Eleanor enjoying the woods

Eleanor also came to us in that first group of calves back in 2017. She has the distinction of giving us our first calf born on the farm. In January 2019 she gave birth to Brooke.

Brooke and Eleanor
Some of the longhorns in the barn

In July of 2019 we added our first longhorns. We purchased three beef steers, but loved the breed so much we decided to add some breeding stock as well. We were fortunate enough to be offered Nightquest. She is the first registered stock we have owned, and she is now the queen of the herd. She came bred, and on April Fool’s Day 2020 she gave us a beautiful heifer calf. Nightquest is currently bred to a Dickinson Cattle Co bull named Win Win. She is due for a late Spring calving in 2021.

Nightquest standing over her young heifer calf.

Fool Moon (born on April Fool’s Day) was our first longhorn calf born on the farm. Her dam is Nightquest, and she is sired by an award winning bull named Overkill.

Recently we added a two-year-old registered longhorn heifer named Diamond (Diamond Frosty Flakes). She has great horn and her white color contrasts vividly with her herd mates. She will soon be bred for a 2021 calving.

Along with Diamond we also added Spice (Wild Child Spice) to the herd. Spice is a registered longhorn cow that came with a 2020 calf at her side. She is currently bred to the award winning bull, Senator out of Dickinson Cattle Company in Ohio.

Spice and her bull calf, Atlas.
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