The Barn

Trying to find an accurate date for the construction of our bank barn has been difficult. Best we can tell, and according to some people who have lived in the area for a while and who have similar structures on their properties, the barn was here before the house was built- likely somewhere between 1850 and 1880. As it stands now, the siding has been updated along with the barn doors, but the original white oak timber frame structure is still in place. The barn is approximately 30′ by 60′, and at its peak on the back side facing the fields, it rises to about 35′ high.

We’re excited to finally see progress on the barn! In late 2020 we had new board-and-batten siding go up. The guys did an amazing job putting it on. We put in large windows, and three massive French doors across the back. When complete, we’ll be able to open the doors and access a large deck overlooking the rolling pastures.

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