Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle

In 2019 we added Texas Longhorns to the farm. Since then the herd has grown to about 20 head. We’ve enjoyed getting to know the breed, as well as the family of breeders across the country

DSW No Foolin’ (Iris) and her 2021 calf “Lilly”

Iris is a 2010 cow by the great Drag Iron bull. She measures 68.25” TTT. What she lacks in TTT she makes up for in size and type. She is a very big bodied cow with amazing disposition, typical of Drag Iron progeny. Iris has also been an unbelievable producer. She has had all heifers (on convention semen, or natural service) excepting one year, when she produced twin bull calves!

KCCI Tootsie Roll

Tootsie Roll is a partner cow we have with Justin Wolf. She is a 2012 cow by Grande Safari Chex out of KCCI’s Hildago’s Lollipop. Her top side (Sire’s lineage) goes bag to JP Rio Grande, one of the greatest producing bulls in the breed’s history, and BL Night Chex. She measures 73.75” TTT with out 2” broken off her left side. She is another nice, big cow that comes out of a great program.

DSW Night Quest was our first registered Texas Longhorn cow. She is a 2015 model. She’s a daughter of DSW No Foolin’ (Iris), and like Iris, she’s a big bodied cow with great temperament. She’s the herd boss and rules the pasture. Her sire is BL Night Chex, who is one of the great “true black” bulls in the breed’s history. Night Quest is 55” TTT.

M.C. Britteny – out of Middle Creek Farm

We brought home Britteny from the 2021 Cherry Blossom Futurity and Sale. It was awesome to be able to preview the cattle, see the one we wanted, and have the winning bid that brought her home. Britteny is easily the biggest bodied Longhorn cow we have ever seen. She has a ton of total horn, with those big swooping curves. Her TTT is 68”, and we’re so excited about what her genetics will do when paired with a bull that might straighten those horns out on her offspring. Britteny was born in 2014 and is sired by M.C. Super Rex. Super Rec was one of the many great bulls at Middle Creek that helped make Brian and Mary Stahl’s program one of the best in the business.

“Diamond Frosty Flakes” out of J and J Longhorns

Diamond comes from one of the best programs on the East Coast- J and J Longhorns in Port Royal Pennsylvania. We have to admit that when we bought Diamond, we had never heard of her sire before. In the coming months, we started to hear a lot more about this great Fifty-Fifty bull. Fifty-Fifty BCB was (and is) one of the most exciting bulls in the breed, but died very young. We’re excited about having one of the early offspring of this great bull. Diamond was 67” TTT in July of 2021, and is likely pushing over 70” now. She has that beautiful lateral twist that Fifty Fifty progeny are known for.

Sunhaven’s Princess and her 2021 heifer by Sittin’ Bull

Sunhaven’s Princess comes to us from Jay and Suzie Wachter’s awesome breeding program at Sunhaven Farm from right here in Maryland. Her genetics are very exciting- she goes back to the absolutely massive Clear Point bull out of DCC Longhorns. She came to us bred to Sittin’ Bull, and in July of 2021 we were graced with this gorgeous heifer calf who we’re calling Duchess. Princess is a January 2019 cow, and measures 54.75” TTT. With her genetics, we know she still has lots of growing to go!

3P Fifty Shades of Class and her 2019 bull calf

Fifty Shades of class is new to the farm, and comes with a bull calf. She is an own-daughter of the great Fifty-Fifty BCB. Her dam is a daughter of JP Rio Grande, another one of the great bulls in breed history. This young cow has horn for days, just like her pedigree would suggest. She just turned 3 years old and is already closing in on 70” TTT.

Fen-Wec 83 Symphony

Symphony might be the best built animal on our farm. She entered the sale ring at the East Coast Classic just a little hot headed, and the bidders kept their hands in their pockets. She is a fantastic specimen. Since getting off the trailer she has settled in very nicely here and been an easy keeper. She will be naturally serviced by our lease bull later this year, and we’re excited about what she’s going to add to our program.

Fool Moon (right) with her dam, Night Quest (left)

Fool Moon has the distinction of being the first Texas Longhorn calves on our farm. She was born April Fools Day of 2020, hence the name Fool Moon. She’s painted in the same manner as her mother, with maybe just a hint of deep brown showing thru on her belly and hocks.

DSW Not Gunna Fool Me (front)

DSW Not Gunna Fool Me (Rosie), was born May 31, 2020, and came to the farm as a package deal with her dam, Iris. Gabriel stepped up and paid his own money to purchase Rosie, so she is all his. Her sire is Not Gunna. We are super excited that she is confirmed bred to the great Concealed Weapon bull for a 2022 calf.

Lilly, out of DSW No Foolin’ by Boomerang CP

Lilly is a 2021 summer calf from Iris. Her sire is Boomerang CP, a big bull known for out-producing himself. She already displays that quiet, calm demeanor that makes her mother great. Her size, even at this age, is undeniable. She’s going to be a fun one to watch!

Duchess, Princess’s 2021 heifer calf, by Sittin’ Bull

Duchess is an absolutely beautiful, eye catching heifer that was calves this summer, her sire, Sittin’ Bull is a bull that’s been doing great things for a long time now. This genetic combination should be a fun one to watch, and a great candidate for Futurities in the near future.

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